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Franciscan Hermitage Experience

In a spirit of Franciscan hospitality, the resident hermits offer opportunities for people seeking deeper prayer in solitude to enter into hermitage life, usually for a weekend, though some may choose a longer period.

A typical hermitage experience begins with an orientation on Friday evening, after which the guest hermits enter into silence and solitude in community. The silence is interrupted at specified times for faith sharing in accord with the fraternal aspect of a hermitís life. The closing, on Sunday, ends the hermitage experience but not necessarily the hermit-life. Saint Francis reminded his friars, "We take our cells with us. The body is the natural cell for the soul, and if we cannot be silent in it, no cell made by human hands can help us."

What to bring:

  • It is important that you be relaxed on a hermitage weekend, so please bring clothes that are comfortable.
  • Casual clothes are acceptable for the whole schedule.
  • All linens and food are provided.
  • Bring warm clothes in winter and, if you wish, a bathing suit in summer.
  • Please bring your Bible and a notebook or journal.
  • Please notify us of any special dietary needs before you come.


Spanning a full weekend, the Hermitage Experience is an opportunity to be with God. It is designed to assist you in listening to God speak in your heart and bringing you the peace that can only be found there.

Please arrive at 7:00 PM to get settled in a room before orientation.

You will choose your own room on a first come, first served basis (this includes our prayer shelter "Little Portion")


We ask $65 to help cover the cost of a Hermitage Experience weekend.

Checks are to be made out to: Franciscan Hermitage. Because there is limited space for the Hermitage Experience, it is necessary for you to confirm your registration with a $10 nonrefundable deposit. The balance of the cost can be paid upon arrival.

Outside of Hermitage Experiences, the cost to stay at the Hermitage is $25 per day.

Contact us:
Sr. M. Raphael Fulwider
7770 Green Lakes Road
Fayetteville, NY 13066

Telephone: 315-637-3284